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Gardnerville Is Where It's At

Gardnerville, Nevada now features the premiere bowling pro shop in the Western United States - Roger Koplin's Players Bowling Pro Shop.

Roger has been involved in bowling industry for over 40 years and has owned or ran multiple bowling pro shops in California before moving to Wink's Bowl in Gardnerville, Nevada, which is about 10 miles south of Carson City just off US395.

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Roger Koplin, a Titled PBA Pro, Master Ball Driller, Layout Expert and Bowling Instructor, has teamed up with Jim Winklepleck, a former PBA touring pro and the owner of Winks Bowling Lanes, to offer a family friendly bowling experience in the central Nevada area.

Roger Koplin Jr.

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Bowling Pro Shop Owner

Gardnerville, NV is just minutes away from Lake Tahoe and Carson City, so when you are in the area, please stop by.

Roger and Jim both invite the entire family to visit them for ALL your bowling needs.

They a will greet you personally and handle all your bowling needs.

Bowling instruction, ball fitting, drilling, private lanes for lessons/training, league bowling - it's all here.

Service is His Game

Roger's goal is to provide his bowling customers with the absolute best service possible. He DOES NOT just sell his customers a bowling ball, but he makes sure the bowling ball is drilled specifically for the bowlers style of play and that they are fitted with the absolute best grip.

Bowling Equipment Featured

Players Pro Shop carries Brunswick, Ebonite, Columbia, Hammer, Track bowling balls along with Storm, Roto and MOTIV equipment. Roger's Koplin's bowling pro shop also stocks bowling bags and bowling shoes along with a large assortment of bowling accessories. Players's Bowling Pro Shop is an Ebonite Strike Effects Pro Shop and an authorized Ultimate, Vice, Turbo and Storm Retailer.

Interchangeable Thumb Specialist

Players Pro Shop specializes in all three interchangeable thumb systems: "The Ultimate Thumb" "Turbo Switch Grips" and the "Vice IT".

Roger recommends "THE Ultimate Thumb" interchangeable system because it improves on the reliability and durability that both the Switch Grips and VICE lack.


Ultimate IT System

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The Ultimate IT System is just like the Everready Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going!

The unique Ultimate locking system is built to last. Four locking tabs provide stability and a solid fit that does not move once locked in place.

Installation is a dream. Drill the hole and glue it in. No mess. No having to enlarge the hole to get the insert to slide in easily.

Turbo Switch Grip

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The Turbo Switch Grip is a good system and easy to install. At times the 1 3/8 inch hole drilled for the outer sleeve is just a bit to small and needs to be enlarged so that the Inner thumb will not bind,

The biggest issue he real issue is that the inner and outer sleeve are just too flexible. Sooner or later that shows as a thumb that has a lot of play or simply does not lock firmly at at all.

The simple “Twist & Click” makes changing thumbs faster, as it is with the Ultimate System, but Ultimate's superior construction, the nod for the best goes to The Ultimate IT System.

The Vice IT

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The Vise IT does allow the same great feel in every ball you throw.  

However, it just has to many parts, each of which having the potential to fail. They need to simplify the system.

Get Your Bowling Equipment Drilled For Your Game

Want your ball drilled for your game? Then you need to know your PAP, axis shift and axis tilt. Don't know what that all means? That's why you need to see us. Read What We Do (plus Why This Is Important) and then call Roger at 916-267-8564 and make an appointment today.

All Bowlers Welcome

New bowlers, experienced bowler or just a bowler who wants to get better, call us. We will open your eyes as to how layouts affect a balls reaction to lanes, particularly when your personnel layout information is plugged into the process.

Importance of your Roll, PAP, and Axis Shifts

What most bowlers do not understand is that not everyone has the same Roll, PAP, and Axis Shift. Click Here for a summary of why that is mandatory to KNOW before ANYONE spends $200 or more for a bowling ball.

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