Jim and Stacey Winklepleck

Welcome You To Winks Bowl!

Jim and Stacey Winklepleck

Jim and Stacy re-opened Wink's Bowl on April 1, 2015. Since then, they have done extensive renovations to the bowling center.
Their goal has been to turn Wink's Bowl into a family friendly entertainment center with the primary focus on bowling.

Previously known as Silver Strike Lanes, Jim (Wink) has branded the bowl with his own unique name: Wink - which is short for Winklepleck.

Wink said he started bowling in 1963, at 5 years old, and became one of the best bowlers in Portland by 14. He bowled almost every day and worked for bowling centers in exchange for free bowling.

He bowled in the Professional Bowlers Association from 1979-86 and placed second in three national tournaments but won no titles. He won nine regional titles and won 11 titles in the Oregon Bowlers Association. Since reaching 50, he has won 11 titles in the Northwest Senior Tour.

Stacey isn’t much of a bowler, she just throws the ball for fun. She says she got her bowling expertise by marrying an excellent bowler and that’s good enough for her.

Wink can answer any questions she might have. Her career has primarily been in the medical field (pharmacy and medical office management). She’s learned a lot since 2015 but knows she has a long way to go.